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A Better Divorce is an interdisciplinary group of professionals who are committed to non-court solutions for family law matters. Our vision is to reduce the trauma of divorce for families by educating every person considering a divorce on the non-adversarial options available for resolving family law matters.

A Better Divorce serves divorcing couples in Southern California who are interested in avoiding prolonged conflict and who want to place the interests of their children and families at the forefront of decision making.

Members of A Better Divorce are:

Anthony Aloia, Ph.D., Ron Anfuso, Vi Ballard, Kimberly Davidson, Michael Eller, Jane Euler, Deborah Ewing, James Hallett, David Harris, PhD ChFC CFP, Leslie Hart, Kenneth Harvey, Andrew Hunt, CPA, ASA, Jeffery Jacobson, CFLS, Wendy Jones, Jon Kramer, David Kuroda, Erin McGaughey, Tara McGuinness, Julie Milligan, Christopher Moore, Colin O’Connor, Robert Rutman, Susan Schwartz, Joseph Spirito Jr., Esq., Dawn Strachan, B. Elaine Thompson, Paula Van Doren,  Cozette Vergari, Robert Watts and David Yamamoto.

This blog is designed as a resource for separating and divorcing couples to learn about collaborative practice to resolve family law matters. You can learn more about collaborative practice by contacting a professional in your area.

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