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Quick Help for Families in Transition

November 5, 2012

From the creators of: divorcing and divorced parents), parents

working through marital problems), and never-married parents)

Many parents have suggested that we gather into one place the video links, articles, and quotes that come up during the course of the free websites we’ve developed for families.  So, we did it.  In this single document you can now see these resources and use them in any way you find helpful.  We think they’re a good way to grasp:

  • The dangers of parent conflict
  • Everyone’s need for a peaceful relationship between parents
  • The myths about separation and divorce that fool so many parents
  • The simple skills that help parents succeed.

Here is a  link to one of the most popular videos:

3 Girls’ Invisible Pain (8:09)

(A Better Divorce will post other videos in coming weeks. If you would like to see more right away please visit

Some important written materials from the website work are collected on the following pages, and here is a link to the Quotes on UpToParents.

We congratulate you on focusing on your children’s needs—and on using that focus to build a better future.

Thank you to Charlie Asher of for creating such an informative site and allowing us here at A Better Divorce to share his materials.

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